PROMAX Premier – Titanium

  • Premier End Mills for Titanium
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Titanium is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, even to seawater, its incredible high strength and for being deceitfully light weight. These attributes make it very inviting for creating products for all sorts of industries.  With that said, there is another side to Titanium. Historically, Titanium has been known as a material that is difficult to machine – variation of chip thicknesses, high heat stress and high pressure loads just to name a few. However, experience with the material has grown as it has gained acceptance in many industries and now a large base of Titanium machining knowledge exists – like the use of high-pressure coolant during cutting operations. Manufacturers now know that with proper procedures and tools, like the PROMAX Premier series US456US457 and US556, Titanium can be machined using techniques no more difficult than those used for machining other materials.