PROMAX Premier – Titanium - 5 Flute

  • US556 for Titanium
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5 Flute Variable - US556

This 5 flute is designed for finishing applications in Titanium, however, it has also proven to be a good choice for Stainless Steel and High Temperature Alloys. The PROMAX Premier US556 has a reduced rake of 8° which makes it more of a universal tool than our other Titanium series of end mills. This high precision end mill also has a slower 38° helix which allows for better chip evacuation while machining. The US556 comes standard with a small protective corner radius, an unequal index, optimized nACRo® coating and the PROMAX "edge prep". All of these attributes make for a longer tool life and a better overall performance.

  • Designed for use in Titanium
  • Application uses include:
    • Peripheral Cutting
    • Ramping
    • Helical Cutting
  • End mill has an Unequal Index
  • End mill is Balanced