Our Mission

At CERATIZIT Sacramento (formerly PROMAX Tools), we are committed to achieving excellence. Our mission is to manufacture and distribute premium performance carbide cutting tool products that satisfy customer requirements and expectations 100% of the time. Through a philosophy based on continual improvement, innovation and teamwork, CERATIZIT Sacramento represents superior quality in products and services to the entire cutting tool industry.

We place a primary focus on quality assurance. By establishing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive management system based upon the ISO standard, we enable all members of our team to understand and meet customer's requirements. Our quality management system concentrates on providing:

  • Defect free premium cutting tool products and services.
  • Communication with our customers in order to better understand their cutting tool product and service needs and expectations.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing, process control and inspection equipment.
  • Employee training to maintain our quality policy and its objectives.
  • Quality products and service as well as satisfying our customers is at the foreground of every decision we make.

Our History

In 1967, California Tool Grinding was born out of a little metal structure in a suburb of Sacramento, California and 3 employees — the owners themselves. Nothing but a local job shop that focused on resharpening, modification work and some mill and lathe work the company flourished by the hand of the aerospace industry. With retirement not far off, the original owners were looking to sell. In 1984 California Tool Grinding's future was now in the hands of forward thinking, entrepreneur Daryl Van Dyke. In the years that followed, Daryl and his wife, Eleanor, grew the business adding more employees and expanding their customer base. Perceiving changes ahead in the aerospace industry, Daryl knew that he must make some changes if the company was to survive. With diligence, research, long hours and hard work California Tool Grinding (CTG) had found its niche. In 1991 CTG introduced Premium Solid Carbide Roughing End Mills — also known as CTG's new line "PROMAX." The company survived the incredible downsizing in the aerospace industry thanks mainly to the new line. As time progressed CTG began phasing out its resharpening, modification, milling and lathe work and focused on expanding PROMAX line. This new line took the industry by storm prompting yet another change for the company. In 1992 Daryl and Eleanor Van Dyke changed CTG to PROMAX Tools L.P. This was not just a name change, but an attitude change for the company.  In 2014, after the passing of Daryl, CERATIZIT Group purchased a majority holding in PROMAX Tools L.P. And in 2017 the purchase was completed and PROMAX Tools L.P. was a full member of the CERATIZIT Group. The evolution of this step was completed with PROMAX Tools L.P. changing their name to CERATIZIT Sacramento in 2018 while keeping the PROMAX name for their branded products - PROMAX Premium and DESIGN-RITE XL - on the US market.

The PROMAX line of precision cutting tools was built out of forward thinking, hard work and commitment just as CERATIZIT was, making them obvious partners for life. The company still lives by the same methodology and has grown their offerings into a full line of Premium Solid Carbide End Mills including Roughers, Finishing End Mills, Rougher-Finishers and so much more. CERATIZIT Sacramento has made quite a positive impact in the realm of Specials over the years with fast turn around times thanks to their technology, experience and in-house coating department. As for the future, we will only grow and improve under the CERATIZIT name.

Not just an ordinary carbide end mill, CERATIZIT Sacramento is solid carbide end mills at their best.