PROMAX Premier – Aluminum - 6 Flute

  • US376 for Aluminum
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6 Flute Variable - US376

This tool was made for Aluminum with its 6 flutes, sharp edges, variable helix (43.5°/46.5°), high rake angle (21°) and unequal index. The PROMAX Premier US376 is a high precision end mill for finishing applications. It also has high contour accuracy and will obtain excellent surface finishes in Aluminum and other non-ferrous materials due to its stable and smooth cutting technique. Available with ZrN coating to help avoid build up on cutting edges especially when cutting Aluminum but is also available uncoated.
  • Designed for use in Aluminum
  • Application uses include:
    • Peripheral Cutting
    • Ramping
    • Helical Cutting
  • End mill has an Unequal Index
  • End mill has a Variable Helix
  • End mill is Balanced