PROMAX Premier – Hardened Steel - 6/8 Flute

  • US367 for Hardened Steel
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6/8 Flute Variable - US367

This unique series end mill for Hardened Steel comes in either 6 or 8 flutes depending on the diameter of the tool. Its 50° helix keeps chips small and the -6° rake angle creates a strong cutting edge both, of which, are critical in machining Hardened Steel. The US367 has a significantly increased life thanks to its minimal vibration. The added life is also in part to its standard highly heat and scratch resistant nACRo° coating and our standard "edge prep" process. And what is even better is that this PROMAX Premier square end, high performance end mill was specifically developed for obtaining high finishes on hardened materials. Together, all these attributes make the US367 quite the cost efficient end mill.

  • Designed for use in Hardened Steel
  • Application uses include:   
    • Peripheral Cutting
    • Ramping
    • Helical Cutting
  • End mill has an Unequal Index