PROMAX Premier – Hardened Steel - 4 Flute

  • US453 for Hardened Steel
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4 Flute Variable - US453

This new PROMAX 4 flute end mill for Hardened Steel has an increased flute depth near the end for better chip evacuation. However, it has has great stability due to its 2° rake angle and a larger core diameter as it approaches the shank – important factors when machining such a strong, durable metals such as Hardened Steel. The US453's unequal index and 44°/47° variable helix reduces vibration and creates a smoother, faster cutting process that results in a better surface finish. This end mill comes complete with PROMAX’s special "edge prep". Our “edge prep” allows for a longer tool life with improved performance. The PROMAX Premier US453 also comes complete with corner chamfers for added corner protection. In addition this tool comes standard with our highly heat and scratch resistant nACRo® coating. The PROMAX Premier US453 can even withstand the vigorous applications of slotting and side milling.

  • Designed for use in Hardened Steel
  • Application uses include: 
    • Peripheral Cutting
    • Ramping
    • Helical Cutting
    • Slotting
    • Plunging
  • End mill has an Unequal Index
  • End mill has a Variable Helix