PROMAX Premier – Universal - 4 Flute

  • Universal
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4 Flute Variable - US451

The Universal label on this PROMAX Premier series signifies that the end mills are excellent in a wide range of materials such as General Steel, Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, High Temperature Alloys, Cast Iron, Copper and Brass. These high performance solid carbide end mills are quite resilient and have high metal removal rates for a longer life and cost savings to you.

The Series US451 4 flute end mill has added strength behind the cutting edge. It combines an unequal index with a 35°/38° variable helix which reduces vibration to create a smoother, faster cutting process that will result in a better surface finish. The US451 has a 9° rake angle making this tool much more suited to Universal applications. This particular PROMAX Premier end mill comes standard with our special "edge prep" which allows for a longer tool life while providing improved performance and has a protective chamfer on the corners to prevent breakage. It is available with AlTiN or nACRo® coatings.
  • Designed for Universal applications
  • Application uses include:
    • Peripheral Cutting
    • Ramping
    • Helical Cutting
    • Slotting
    • Plunging
  • End mill has an Unequal Index
  • End mill has a Variable Helix
*Similar Option:
PROMAX Premium Series 155: Helix Angle = 40°; Rake Angle = 10°; Unequal Index